Friday, February 6, 2009

Quotes of the day - Laura chats

-In a witty sum up of the story of Adam and Eve, Brian Snyder said, "The price of wisdom is that you must farm."

-Keynote speaker Raj Patel ended his fabulous presentation with this, "We need to remember that we are not consumers of democracy, we are the proprietors."

I want to share good news about happenings in the PA legislature thanks to State Rep. David Kesller, D-Berks, but I want to do it justice so that will take a little more time and a couple of phone calls. I don't think anyone would be happy to talk with me at almost 9pm on a Friday. But in sum, Kessler was instrumental is securing $500,000 in the state budget to help conventional farms move to organic Farming.

Raj Patel's keynote speech also deserves some significant time from me before I try to condense any of his extremely thoughtful and intelligent comments to fit this space. I can tell you now, if you are a person who is concerned about the state of food in this world, well, just a person concerned about the world, you won't regret spending time with his book, "Stuffed and Starved."

Check him out:

Finally, I want to really wrap my head around the theme of this year's conference: "The Worldwide Search for Food Sovereignty: Finding Your Foodshed." I want to bring in other voices as well. Look for continuing stories from the conference even after the conference ends Saturday 2/7/9.

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