Thursday, February 5, 2009

Harlan-isms at Pasa

For this, you need video. The entertainment value of Harlan Holmes' dramatic gestures combined with a fresh sense of humor can't be well-understood separately. But here's a peek.

Harlan is a veteran, self-described, " backyard gardener." I would add guru. His ease with conducting the course probably comes from a background of teaching. He was supposedly teaching an intro to vegetable gardening. But I learned wheelbarrows full of info and I've gardened for 10 years or more. Here's just a couple quotes. If you like them, let me know and I will post a few more.

When speaking of why you need brown with your green for composting, and cannot just pile up grass or other green, moist plant material, Harlan says: " A pile of grass clippings becomes (he's getting really animated here) a loathesome mass of putrification!"

Explaining why corn seeds sometimes need to be treated to avoid a disease called smut, Harlan says, " With treated seeds you get no smut. And I like no smut!"

Finally, a truism that, while not necessarily humorous, I will remember. And probably steal. When describing his preference for rock phosphate over bone meal, he said bone meal works faster but the idea of bones possibly having some problem, made him steer away. " I don't need fast. I'm on Nature's time." Love it.

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