Thursday, February 5, 2009

The PASA conference is held at the Penn Stater on the outskirts of State College, PA. I've been at the Penn Stater conference center several times before. Each time was for journalism awards banquets. The best part of those events was seeing familiar faces of journalists I'd known for years.

This time, I didn't expect to see familiar faces. But I have. I've seen the face of every farmer I've ever met or photographed. Every type of person you can imagine growing food in Pennsylvania is here. There is the farmer who started farming as a child still farming at 80 years-old. There are folks who started organic farms in the '70's, plain farmers, and young environmentalists all stylish with piercings interested in urban gardening. Actually, I've seen every type of person. Period.

Interest in food has brought us together. There is something very primal about food that unites us. What a great place to start.

Speaking of starting, many of you know that this is a temporary blog space while we await the hatching of Below is a mock up I gave to a web developer showing what I thought I might like the site to look like.

Someone asked me today if I was an artist. I said no. So it will be interesting to see what experienced web-artist does with my conception. I felt kinda bad walking away from that conversation, though. I realized, that I, as a long time photographer, had insulted all of us by not claiming the title of artist. So yes, I am an artist.

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