Friday, February 6, 2009

Combating Greenwashing

Noting that it's a time ripe for greenwashing, Food Alliance Executive Director, Scott Exo, announced Friday that Food Alliance had formed an alliance with PASA. Food Alliance is an Oregon based non-profit that certifies farms as sustainable. The partnership will extend food alliance certification processes to farmers, food packers, processors and distributors in Pennsylvania.

Explaining the need for certification, Brian Snyder, Executive Director of PASA, said, "I'm tired of people using the word sustainable any way they want to. It has a specific meaning." Snyder wants to help consumers make informed decisions about their food purchases by giving them a basis for evaluating marketing claims. A third party certification would give credibility to marketing claims.

The certification considers a number of factors including safe and fair working conditions, healthy and humane treatment of animals, and conservation. Use of genetic modified crops or livestock, use of synthetic hormones, and use of non-therapeutic antibiotics are prohibited.

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