Tuesday, February 3, 2009

PASA Conference

In the early spring, when I see little shoots of green poking through the earth, I feel no urgent desire to see the full tulip bloom. I enjoy spying day to day subtle changes in the plant, coupled with the knowledge that bulbs will indeed bloom soon.

With Punk Rock Gardens, I do feel urgency to see our blog bloom. And part of that is my desire to share experiences and information I gather from the - very shortly up-coming - Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture "Farming for the Future" conference.

The conference will be held in State College, Pennsylvania February 5th through 7th, 2009.

Our permanent site, www.punkrockgardens.com, is still in hibernation. So to enable me to post from the conference, I've set up this blog on blogspot. Once the full site is up and running, I will post features for the home gardener. Topics for stories from the PASA conference include the 21rst century victory garden and organic pest management for vegetable gardens. See you from the conference.


  1. Have fun, Laura and bring home lots of good info!

  2. Best of luck, Laura! --Matt Kemeny