Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pasa Thursday lunch

I'm torn. I want to be actively covering this event. Meaning, part of me thinks I should be talking with organizers here at The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture "Farming for the Future" conference to find out, you know, how many people are here, or the history of the conference.

But the student is me is winning out. I am in a lecture riveted by Harlan Holmes who is teaching a track called, " 21rst Century Victory Garden: Growing Your Food and Energizing Your Community." More on that later.

Nearly 120 have crowded this room. The people are amazing. There is so much diversity in age and race and gender and we are all hungry for knowledge that will allow us to grow our own food. We are also all laughing with Harlan because he has a great sense of humor and the animation to back it up.

I met a true student at lunch. A beautiful, smart young woman who had a goal for her lunch of finding someone to tell her how to raise chickens in her backyard in Pittsburgh. She simply asked the question of the diners at her table at lunch and got her answer. Another woman sitting across from her had the answers. She had four backyard chickens.

Remembering the scenery I enjoyed as I drove here, I decided the student in me should win out. I have so much to learn in order to do my little part. I'm thinking really learning this stuff will help me pass it on more effectively.

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