Friday, April 24, 2009

Tuned into Nature

She knew there were birds down the road in the patch of woods. She’d hung a bird feeder, but for over two years, the seed remained uneaten. Looking around at her farm, she noticed all the spaces nearby were wide open. There were lots of cultivated farm fields. There was a lawn.

In one of her many moments of tuned-into-nature clarity, Jackie Doyle, of Doyle Farm Nursery, realized there was no place for the birds to rest or hide or find food near her home. That was 1986.

Today, at Doyle’s farm, birds sing a symphony, actually kinda loud, as Doyle’s peacocks show off their tail feathers and Jackie, as she has for most of her life, tends her plants. Her home is now surrounded by gardens with tall trees and shrubs. Birders travel to her farm to watch the birds she has attracted with her plantings.

Doyle Farm Nursery specializes in native plants and is located in Southern York county. Perennials, grasses and ferns are featured.

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