Friday, April 24, 2009

Tuned into Nature

Doyle’s evolution to native plant grower has been a curvy path through the woods illuminated by those tuned-into-nature moments of clarity. She has an extensive horticulture background and has meandered through growing organic vegetables and herbs for sale at farm markets, to finally setting up her nursery at her home.

“I like to do as nature does.” said Jackie. Describing herself as a gardener’s gardener, she hopes to share her experience with others. “ The idea is to bring more people into Natives,” said Doyle.

Explaining that she wouldn’t advocate tearing out all non-native plants, she tells her customers, “ wouldn’t it be nice to provide a host plant for a butterfly while planting a beautiful plant?” A host plant is a place where a butterfly or other species lay their eggs. Native species can only use specific native plants for hosts.

Doyle’s gardens demonstrate another of her observations from nature. Noticing how trees and shrubs regenerate themselves in woods, Doyle said a light bulb went off in her head and she came to understand what she calls, “mother planting.”

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