Sunday, April 19, 2009

Produce Direct from Producer

Shared Earth Farm CSA started small. Like a seedling, really. Amy Leber started growing vegetables “part-time” on her farm while remodeling her home and raising a newborn. Her first year, she served 7 shares. In her fourth season, she’s offering 120.

Amy and her mom provide most of the labor on the farm. They’ve found the growth of their farm to be a natural evolution. Its hard work and they love it. Similarly, when they’ve needed something they’ve found it.

When they needed two doors for the new greenhouse, they found exactly two doors stored on the property. When they started running out of refrigeration room, a member offered a refrigerator. They recently asked their members for help in covering their greenhouse. Thirty members turned out to help.

Shared Earth Farm members pick up the produce at the farm and can pick from a choice table of goods in addition to their shares. At the table, they offer interesting veggies like yard long beans or a miniature cucumber that a member nick named, “cuca melon” because they resemble tiny watermelons. Members can pick their own flowers and herbs as they are available. Other locally produced food can also be picked up at the farm.

Amy’s committed to sustainable agriculture and to the importance of locally grown food. This she shares with Jon and Beth Weaver-Kreider of Goldfinch Farm.

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