Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nurturing Native Plants

Janet and Marge worked together to carefully free Helenium flexusuom “Tiny Dancer” from its flat. They placed the Pennsylvania native starter plants carefully on the table. Next, the plants would be given a new, larger home and nestled in peat-free growing medium. Janet and Marge were two of 18 volunteers for the Manada Conservancy who gave their time on a beautiful early March Saturday, to transplant small plants into larger pots to be grown on for sale.

Meadowood Nursery hosted the day and will grow the plants to landscape size in time for the May 2, 2009, native plant sale held at the nursery. This will be the 9th year for the event. The Native plant sale is a major fundraiser for the Conservancy.

More than 300 varieties of shrubs, grasses, trees and perennials will be offered. The event is open to the public. Meadowood Nursery is located at 25 Meadowood Drive in Hummelstown. Visit for more information.

Visit PRG again for more on Meadowood, the Manada Conservancy and native plants in April as a preview for the sale.

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