Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mid-Atlantic Garden Show continued

Connected to Circa antique's booth, was The Gardener of the Owl Valley. Owner Judy Bono and her niece bustled to keep up with the steady stream of customers and to keep their booth neat and stocked. Judy created tiny gardens including moss and ferns, based in nice pottery and covered with graceful glass. She made these modern terrariums - that often contained an animal figure for a smile- specially for the show. Visitors loved them and took them home with them. I watched The Gardener of the Owl Valley customers lean in to peer closely at her hand-crafted bird nests decorated with a variety of fun objects from butterflies to colorful eggs. She also stocked books, gloves and Czechoslovakian glass bead jewelry.

Both Circa Antiques and The Gardener of the Owl Valley offer similar things in their York, PA., businesses.

Meeting several Dauphin County Master Gardeners really made me want to fire up my growing lights. Master Gardener Shirley Halk brightly sparked as she described some of her favorite heirloom tomatoes. Master Gardener Carol Schmidt was so helpful and kind that she sent me a list of websites to check out the following day.

I went to the show hoping to see some intensely creative plantings and landscaping to spring forward my imagination for my gardens. I didn't find that. Meeting the vendors, master gardeners and seeing their creativity and passion made the trip very valuable.

The show, closing today, was held in the Toyota Arena in the fairgrounds in York, PA. It ran from February 26 to March 1, 2009.
More on organic growing, the victory garden and heirloom vegetables in coming days.

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