Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where can you buy this stuff?

I'm drawn to using native plants. I've recently been extolling the virtues of Lindera benzion, Spicebush. Someone asked me where to find it. It used to be that native plants were really hard to find. That's changing.

Native plant sales are held locally at a couple of locations in early May. I will post more extensive looks at natives and post a list of sales in mid-April. But for now, I know that in Dauphin County, The Manada Conservancy holds their Native Plant sale May, 2, 2009. Jan Getgood, of Meadowood Nursery which hosts the event and grows the plants, said that Spicebush will be available at their sale.

I got good news in two forms when I called Ashcombe Farm and Greenhouse. Kathy McAfee, Nursery Manager, said they do carry Spicebush and have it right now. I found that exciting, both, because they are stocking a cool shrub and they are stocking a native shrub.

McAfee did caution that you need both male and female varieties of Spicebush to get berries in the fall. They are not marked male or female and very difficult to identify any difference. She said you get both nice yellow spring and fall color with either sex and mentioned the appealing spicy fragrance. Another nice attribute? Spicebush swallowtails will visit the plant.

Good sources of Native Plants in York county are the Maescapes Native Plant Sale held May 16th. And The Gardener of the Owl Valley in Hellam.

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