Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good Lookin' Roots

My four year old is into the lettuce plants I have growing under lights in my basement. Saturday, he drug his grandfather down there to show him the baby plants. While excitedly chatting about how seeds became that bright green foliage, my son pinched off a piece of lettuce and ate it straight off the plant to show grand dad just how yummy. He did this once with the arugula by mistake and wasn't so happy.

His favorite, and a variety I am happy about is Speckles, a lettuce butterhead variety. I found an heirloom organic seed for it at Botanical Interests. I love the red and green combo and it seems to propagate very well.

I also love the roots. The time table for Speckles arrival in PA are all over the map. The latest date I see has it arriving in the Keystone state around 1880's. I tend to believe it goes back 200 years to match the time of the early German migration to Pennsylvania. There is mixed info as to whether it came via Mennonite or Amish, but either way, I love growing something in Pennsylvania that's been growing here a while. Good roots.

And I'm pleased by the roots of my seedlings. Robust.

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