Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Container Curiosities

The fed-ex quy was animated and wide-eyed when he asked me, “Is that BROCCOLI?” as he pointed to the large pot on the base of my front stairs.

“It is,” I told him. The normally pressed for time guy, paused, and asked me several questions about it. I told him he could check out my raised beds filling with green around on the side if he had time. He dashed to take a quick look.

I’ve noticed others point and wonder at the large cabbage-like plant as they walk past my home. The mature broccoli plant was not grown under lights in my basement like the rest of my veggie seedlings. A friend grew it in a greenhouse for me.

Most of the seedlings I grew are now lined up against the side of my house. Some are tucked in raised beds. I have coverings for them if it gets cold. Many are transplanted into terracotta pots, waiting to fill in a bit, before taking their place along side the broccoli on my stoop. Some will help decorate the back porch or fill in spots in the ornamental garden.

While initially wanting to rely on edibles alone in my pots this year, I’m already feeling the need for flower. I have to admit it. I see a few annuals tucked in around the peppers and trailing from the tomatoes. Flowers drew me into growing. I can’t leave them now.

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  1. I always find it amazing how BEAUTIFUL Vegetables and herb plants can be. I remember my purple "green Beans" that were climbers. Flowers are fine, so, plant the edible ones! Win-win right?