Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mini-farmin' Mom

It’s been cold here in Pennsylvania but that hasn’t stopped me from being busy in the garden. I don’t have a farm, yet. But that hasn’t stopped me from farming. Mini-sized.

I have a 10 square foot farm working in my basement. Under my seedling benches topped with precariously placed grow lights almost kissing the tops of my plants, I have my worms in their composting bin and three baby chicks nesting in their box. My son says we have a lot of pets. He’s including the worms in the pet category.

I giggle at the contrast between the Eames rocker, which sits next to the worm composting bin, and my "farm". The chicks are also in close proximity to a pristine 1950’s Haywood Wakefield dresser. It’s fifties mod-living for my chicks. The Red Rock and Barred Rock chicks are dubbed Poachy (thanks I-Carly, not), Lovey, and Dixie. My four year-old was in charge of the names. I’m not so sure that was so smart. And yes, my four year-old does watch I-Carly. I may be a better gardener than parent in certain moments.

Spring planting, horticulture classes, writing a biz plan, and watching the chicks with my son, have kept me busy and away from the PRG this week. Look for another guest columnist soon and several postings on native plants and plant sales coming before the end of April.

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