Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Growing Pains

I am infatuated with plants. My particular crush of the moment is on vegetable plants. But I have room in my heart for them all. Sometimes even weeds make me blush. I just can’t choose one type to court.

This indiscriminate love has led me to Punk Rock Gardens. I have the opportunity to take a full time horticulture journey. I’d like to take you with me.

This space has room for discussion of many aspects of gardening and growing. Please know I am a student, learning and discovering everyday after gardening for more than 20 years. While I find certain gardening directions more attractive than others, I embrace tolerance and set no rules.

My garden reflects this. No typical landscape architect would consider plant pairings that suit me fine in my garden. Self-expression has led to a visual adventure in my landscape. There may be more noise than harmony. And honestly, there is very little purity.

I can’t seem to move my thinking past veggies this spring. This is new. I keep asking myself why. I think I finally have part of the answer. My relationship with vegetable plants is simple.

I am conflicted about ornamental plants. I am torn between what I’ve known and enjoyed and what I am learning.

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  1. As you learn more about native herbaceous plants and the trees and shrubs, what amazes me is the life cycle of these plants. Our native plants have something going on every season - that makes my days wandering in my wooded garden most exciting. Yesterday - the Virginia Bluebells were breaking thru - and their progress will be astounding. They make Spring such a wondrous time - unlike an ornamental annual like a petunia - once planted and it never changes.